Stretch Fabric Shapes Can Solve Your Event Decor Design Challenges

Stretch shapes made from stretch fabric (commonly spandex and lycra blends) solve many of the event decorating design challenges you face when designing and producing your corporate meetings and events.

What are stretch fabric shapes?

Stretch fabric shapes are versatile tension structures that can be just the solution to transform an event space into an incredible experience for your guests at your next meeting, convention, trade show, product launch, or gala awards presentation.

Stretch shapes are fabric structures are a high impact look that is very affordable when compared to hard set production and installation cost. When designing the look for an event or trade show, you can achieve an incredible look for less than the typical transportation costs of a traditional hard set. Stage set backdrops, ceiling treatments, and entranceways are a few areas of impact that stretch fabric shapes are perfect for.

Stretch fabric shapes are wonderful for growing companies who want to experiment with creating exciting event environments, upgrading from standard, no or low-cost solutions to something more dramatic.

Designs made with spandex stretch shapes can accomplish all these things and more.

How are stretch fabric structures rigged?

Each corner of the stretch shape has an integrated rope pull point making it easy to attach a rigging line made of cordage of your choice. We have cordage available as well and can add it to your order if you let us know.

Triangle spandex shapes are the easiest to rig. If you provide us with pictures or drawing of your event space, we can provide rigging advice for you to follow on site. Or, if you prefer, we can supply a crew and do the installation for you.

What do you need from me to provide a purchase quote?

The easiest way to get started is to have an idea of the space you are working with. Dimensions, drawings, and pictures are very helpful.

If you take a picture of an existing space, stand in one spot and take several pictures starting on the left and working towards the right. Or use the panorama setting for your smartphone. Also, take a picture of the ceiling where the pieces will be installed and we will be able to take it from there.

Next, we need to know the date of your event so we can be sure to have enough time to make the pieces you need. For short deadlines, we have rental pieces in stock to accommodate your tight turn around times.

It is also very helpful, but not required, to have an idea of your budget. It is much more efficient to design a solution that will fit your budget criteria, especially when dealing with a deadline than to spend time on a solution that won’t ultimately be acceptable for your project budget.

Can stretch shapes be rented?

Rental spandex shapes are available in many sizes and colors. Being able to rent helps with tight deadlines and also with one-off events where you don’t want to inventory items for future use.

How are they cared for?

When it comes to any kind of theatrical fabric handling, prevention is worth every penny as opposed to trying to fix damages after the fact. Dirt from the surrounding areas is a big culprit, followed by handling prior to washing hands, and lastly, there can be spills or rips that can occur during the strike when things are moving too fast.

When storing the tension shapes, they need to be dry before being put away to avoid mildew and discoloration. With proper handling, they can provide many years of service.

Who uses stretch shapes?

Stretch fabric shapes are great for anyone looking for decoration ideas and designs for trade show entranceways, stretch fabric spandex ceiling treatments, rental stretch fabric spandex shapes, spandex stage sets or stage backdrop designs.

Audiovisual production companies use them for set backdrops and stage design elements, truss covers, and tripod base covers.

Event and meeting planners use them for their clients and end users often find they are very helpful for in-house promotions and off-site conferences in hotel ballrooms and convention centers.

Call us today for design help and a quick quote on your next project.

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